Getting to the POINT of delivery and inspections

At Car2U we are always striving to improve and innovate whenever possible, the service we provide.

In a competitive marketplace, we believe that innovation in our service offering keeps us ahead of our rivals, improvement is key to our survival and a key reason why our customers choose us.

To help us get delivery and collections right every time at Car2U we have chosen DamagePOINT (built and tested by us) the innovative delivery and collection mobile application from POINTSoftware. We believe it is important to both us as a business and for our customers, to get the delivery and collection of our vehicles right.

We use DamagePOINT’s innovative technology to inspect the status and condition of our vehicles whenever the ownership of the vehicle changes.

Benefits of this solution for you:

  • A real-time electronic information trail which includes: signatures, photos and flat-fish diagrams of specific vehicle-types, as well as vehicle specific identification details, make, model, reg etc
  • Helps to enhance your H&S by incorporating simple H&S vehicle checks as standard at point of delivery and collection
  • Improved customer service due to fast information transfer and accurate records
  • Elimination of paper processing and time-consuming administration
  • Comprehensive data collection with mandatory fields and validation, ensuring no missing data
  • Securely encrypted information both on the Mobile device, back-office or secure website for viewing
  • What Does The Technology Do?

    The technology sees the end to the vast paper trail that forms part of the traditional delivery and collection process, by now collecting data digitally.

    By providing mobile real time digital D&C information on a vehicle via smart phones/PDA at point of delivery and collection as well as the status/location of a vehicle in transit; not only does this digital option minimise paper-processing and enables real-time transfer of all vehicle information accompanied by a signature. This technology sees the end to the requirement of traditional paper based vehicle condition reports, by captivating in depth digital vehicle damage information; we believe by using this system we have a real competitive advantage over our competitors and one that can be utilised by our customers to enhance their service offering back to their clients, via strong usable strategic MI.

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