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Why choose Car 2 U?

Our directors have 35 years’ worth of experience combined in the vehicle hire industry, which means that we understand the industry and our customer’s needs perfectly.

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Unbeatable Customer Service

We have an excellent hire team that can help you with all of your vehicle hire needs. We offer a very personal experience, which you can’t receive from a larger vehicle hire firm. You won’t have a telephone waiting time, and our online enquiry response time is at a 30-minute maximum (Within office hours and on our own vehicle fleet). If you’d prefer, you can contact us directly through Facebook or Twitter to enquire or just have a chat!

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Unlike many others, our prices are clear and there are no hidden extra charges. Our team are not salespeople, so you won’t feel like you’re being forced to upgrade or buy unnecessary extras. Our Car 2 U Insurance is also a flat rate of £10 per day, simple! You won’t be made to pay for someone else’s bumps and scrapes because of the award winning-app we use. As our hire process is electronically logged through this app, we can monitor damage claims extremely efficiently, which reduces false damage claims to our customers as our software can determine when and where the damage has occurred. We are one of few who use this software, with other vehicle hire companies still being paper-based you could risk falling victim to false damage claims elsewhere.

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We Care

Our drivers are trained regularly, which means that our delivery and collection process is smooth and swift. This means that we have a 0.5% dissatisfaction rate, something that we strive to improve upon on a daily basis. You’ll also be greeted with a smile and warm presence from our drivers, which can’t hurt!

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Our Promise

You may not know, but we deliver to the entire UK! Whether you’re in Aberdeen or London, we’ll supply your demand. Don’t believe us? Check us out on Instagram, we do get around! We offer same-day delivery to our customers at very reasonable prices (Within reason and in working hours). We’ve found this to be particularly beneficial to our customers who have had problems with their own vehicles and need a vehicle replacement as soon as possible.

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Quite a lot of vehicle hire companies don’t offer the option of insurance and you may find that your insurance policy may not allow you to insure a hire vehicle, which may prove to be a substantial stumbling block. However, we offer our own Car 2 U insurance package, which starts from just £10 per day. We have even received referrals from other vehicle hire companies to help support their customer’s needs.

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Flexibility and Variety

We supply a very diverse range of vehicles from commercial, to Dual Controlled and 4X4’s, which have customisation options such as tow-bars and roof racks. Our specialist vehicles also include vans and heavy goods vehicles. As we endeavour to keep our customers happy, we offer very competitive rates through both an introductory and loyalty scheme basis. If you’re still not convinced that Car 2 U or car rental is for you, check out this advice and guidance to give you some pointers.