Whitburn Athletic FC

Car2u are delighted to be also sponsoring Whitburn Athletic FC this season. Watch out for the new team kits with the Car2u logo on! Good luck this season Lads! You can find them on twitter here!

Boldon CA Cricket Club

Car 2 U are the proud sponsor of our local cricket club Boldon CA CC. Good luck this weekend lads! You can find out more about them on their facebook page.

Road Tax Changes from April 2017

To drive a car on UK roads, the vehicle must have valid insurance and it must be taxed at the correct level at all times and even includes when you first buy the vehicle from the dealership, often the dealership will include the tax for you or it may be put in as an extra if you require. For the last 10 years the level of tax has been based on your vehicle’s CO2 emissions and the cost of the vehicle. Brand new vehicles which currently emit less than 100g per km of CO2 are exempt from road tax. This […]

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Competition Winner! Congratulations Lea!

Lea recently won a competetion that we ran with Ashleigh Money Saver where she got a car of her choice for free for a weekend! Lea chose one of our Mini Cooper’s.

Ashleigh Money Saver

  Car 2 U recently hired a vehicle to Ashleigh x for a weekend here is how she got on with our vehicle 3 weeks ago I decided to take the kids for a weekend away camping, the weather wasn’t great but sometimes the great outdoors is all about experiencing changing conditions. Our current 5 door saloon car wasn’t up to the job of transporting 2 adults 3 children and our camping essentials (I took far to much stuff) so I got in contact with a specialist 4×4 hire company called Car2U to see what it would cost me to […]

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Powered by Pointsoftware

To help us get delivery and collections right every time at Car2U we have chosen DamagePOINT (built and tested by us) the innovative delivery and collection mobile application from POINTSoftware. We believe it is important to both us as a business and for our customers, to get the delivery and collection of our vehicles right.

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