The Importance Of An MOT

//The Importance Of An MOT

The Importance Of An MOT

Although most people are aware that cars require annual MOT tests when they’re over three years old, do you actually know why it matters

What does an MOT cover?

MOTs aren’t just a frustrating inconvenience; they’re used to highlight whether there are any factors of the car checkup that could make it unsafe to drive. In severe cases, an MOT could establish a problem you never knew about that would put your life at risk!

Some of the parts of a car that are checked in an MOT include:

  • Lighting and signalling equipment.
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Wheels and tyres
  • Seat Belts
  • Exhaust and fuel emissions
  • The overall body structure of the vehicle
  • Whether the driver has a clear and unobstructed view

These are visual checks that take place inside and outside the vehicle to establish whether it’s road safe. It’s worth noting that an MOT does not cover the engine, gearbox, or clutch.

Servicing vs. MOTs

It’s important to note that an MOT is not the same as getting your car serviced. While servicing your vehicle regularly is highly recommended to fix any potential problems with the vehicle and ensure it’s safe to drive; the MOT is simply a series of tests that identify problems…

In other words, the MOT is a test your car must pass. A service is a more detailed check-and-fix process that maintains your car’s safety and functionality.

What if my car fails its MOT?

If your car fails its MOT, this means it’s not safe to drive, and doing so without fixing the issues could be illegal – with penalties including fines up to £2,500 years and points on your licence.

That said, not all MOT failures mean you can no longer drive the vehicle. In some instances, the car may pass the MOT car history check with a list of ‘minor’ or ‘advisory’ problems that need monitoring or fixing in the future but don’t necessarily mean the vehicle isn’t roadworthy.

Other times, the vehicle may technically fail the MOT; however, if no ‘dangerous’ problems are identified, you may still be able to drive your car home so long as you address the other issues raised by the MOT asap.


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